2017 Boating Season is now on

Have a nice safe and sane boating season!

* The next Board meeting is scheduled for 5:30 PM on  Oct. 19th and will be held at the offices of the TKPOA

*There have been changes made to Rules and Regulations numbers 3, 11 and 13. The new version is published on this site and available for viewing under the "Rules" tab on the home page. Please familiarize yourselves with these rules.

*We are happy to report that one of our members who sued the Marina for the refund of launching fees charged in violation of the ‘91 Settlement Agreement was successful in that effort. The member received back the launching fees as well as his court filing fees. This was a last minute agreement and not as result of a court ruling.  The General Manager of the Marina has indicated that if other members desire a refund, they too will have to sue in Small Claims Court.

*The Marina ownership is now imposing a "Pollution Inspection Fee" which may lead to a further law suit investigation with regard to the ‘91 Settlement Agreement.